We provide the following added values services:

  • Project BOD, OPR, and Commissioning Plans

  • Energy Audit Plans, Charts, and Tables

  • Full Authority Submissions & Review

  • Construction Submittal Reviews

  • Waste Management Planning

  • M&V Plans (EAc5 & RE-R2)

  • Project Management & Budgeting

  • Design Commissioning (Cx, ICA, IDP)

  • Research & Training

Additional Services

Advanced Design Services

We conduct research driven services on special purpose projects. We include parametrics design, evolutionary optimization with cutting edge tools and hardware:

Innovative Design Services

We provide turnkey rating system facilitation for the codes:

  • HVAC UFAD (CFD Simulation + Concept Design)

  • HVAC Displacement Ventilation

  • HVAC Chilled Beam Design (Passive + Active)

  • Solar Thermal Assisted Absorption Cooling

  • Multiobjective Optimization (Galapagos)

  • Evolutionary Optimization

  • Parametric Design / Genetic Optimization

  • Rapid Design Prototyping

  • Urban Thermal & Wind Comfort

  • Urban Energy PlanningMulti-objective

  • Urban Energy Analysis

  • Visual Programming