Modelling Services

We provide analysis, modelling, and simulation services such as:

  • Energy Modeling: Concept (Passive Design)

  • Energy Modeling: Schematic (Budgeting)

  • Energy Modeling: Whole Building (Submission)

  • Daylight, Glare, and Shading Studies 

  • Thermal Comfort & IAQ Studies

  • Microclimate Analysis & Site Studies

  • Facade Optimization & Panelization

  • Energy Modeling Troubleshooting & Advisory

  • ASHRAE Level III Energy Modeling

  • Energy Auditing Data Analysis & Regression

  • Net Zero Design

Our simulation workflow is iterative and interactive, whereby we communicate with the design team on KPI progress, performance, design options.


We facilitate the design process via alternatives and simulation based support. This is done via Eco-Charettes at concept, schematic, and detailed design stages.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD / Revit (Arch & MEP)

  • Autodesk Simulation CFD & Flowdesign

  • Autodesk Ecotect, Insight 360, Solon

  • Rhino & Grasshopper, Ladybug Tools

  • IES-VE, eQuest, Design Builder, TAS, Sefaira

  • HAP, Trace

  • TSOL Pro, SAM


The software we use: